Shop opening

Glück Auf fellows!

Good things come to those who wait!  
You had to wait for a long time. Now the time has come:
Today there is our great shop opening!

Since today Sunday December 22nd 2019 – 12 am (UTC+1) our Eventshop is opend.

What to expect in the shop?
* Here you’ll get everything that makes your event heart beat faster. Tickets, coins, booking of guided tours and much more. For example myself, Anton…super fluffy. Have a look!
* Ticket: Training is essential! The Meet & Greet on friday evening!
* Ticket: Nothing but footprints! The Goodbye- Event on sunday morning!

Did you get curious? I hope so. Remember to book your tickets for the side events.
Please read the listings carefully attentively to gain all the important information.

I’m looking forward to you
Yours Anton die Grubenameise**

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