The UNESCO world heritage Zollverein will become a Geocaching area for one day. A multiple frame program will guide you around the theme „Ruhrarea“ and will show you the Zollverein area.

The event will be divided into two parts. There will be a day and a night shift. On the day shift you can of course expect, among other things, the usual program items such as retail section, games for young and old and workshops. And it is also taken care of the physical well-being. On the night shift at an advanced hour, however, we want to keep the event motto “… and he has his bright light in the night”. Very special geocaching experiences, which make all the impressions that are made unforgettable! Be curious!

Here is a brief overview of the program items planned so far:

The Denkmalpfad Zollverein® is waiting for you. Formal miners will guide you and teach you the technic and history in the inner circle of Zollverein. Guided tours are offered on the day and night shifts.

Field trips to other industrial culture plants will bring you to the history of hard working men.

The special character of this region will become closer by some extra theme orientated geocaching games. The participants on the games will be differentiated in younger and older fellows to make it fun for all of us.

On the day shift we will offer a special kids club where we have some extra adventure for very young kids.

Geocaching workshops will show you the state or the art technics. We show you the do and dont’s. We are although offering a T5 workshop for climbing in a very special industrial scenery.

We can offer a very nice supply with food and drinks, even local, with our experienced catering service.

Multiple geocaching shops will be around and offer you whatever you ever wanted or needed for your coin collection or the next geocaching trip.