Glück Auf 2021 postponed !

Glück Auf!

Best regards for the New Year! Health, happiness and success should be your companions 2021!

We have good and bad news for you. Bad one first, our mega event „Project Glück Auf 2021“ can’t take place in 2021.

But the good one is, we don’t cancel it at all, it will be postponed to September 17th 2022. I hope you will agree with me, that this news don’t come very surprising during this times. Despite the numerous efforts we made, it is impossible to celebrate such a big event with all of you.

May you now ask yourself why it is postponed to the year 2022 and not to this year 2021. We made this decision cause we think it’s way to uncertain this year. It seems to be more possible to defeat the virus during this year and going back to normal life in 2022.

How it’s going on? Next step is to deactivate the event listing at, when the releases from the HQ have been done we will reactivate it with the new date.
Of course me and my organization buddies all been deeply disappointed by the current situation but now we all looking forward to celebrate an awesome event “Project Glück Auf 2022”.
Your already purchased tickets remain valid.

Thanks about your patient about the shipping, the logistic as a junior partner of DHL is quite complicated. The parcels should be delivered to all very soon. The shop reopening is planned for middle of January.

Yours Anton

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