Notice of postponing Glück Auf 2020

We regret to announce due to an official decree by State government of North Rhine Westfalia we are not allowed to hold our event at the world heritage Zollverein in Essen. The content of the decree is based on the new Coronavirus and its rapid spread.

In association with Groundspeak and Stiftung Zollverein, we could gather an alternative date in Spring of 2021. The exact date will be published certainly in the next week if confirmed by Groundspeak. Purchased tickets keep their validity for all booked days. So the event is just postponed and all placed orders keep valid for the new date. The main event on Saturday also keeps the known gc code at Our both side events couldn’t be postponed and will be archived immediately, but will be published with the same Listing and content. If the HQ changed the official event date at the listing they will publish and activate it again. For further information, we inform you by an extra announcement. 

Your orders could be picked up at the even side as usual. An earlier pickup couldn’t be realized due to the interrupted supply chain. Some of the items at our internet shop contain the event date or the event year, and so we use the extra time to redesign that. Thankfully the Denkmalpfad at Zollverein postponed our guided tours and they will take place at the event day as usual.

As you may notice we closed the shop temporally to update everything into the new situation. All customers with a valid order will get an email with the updated terms and conditions. Of course, we know that the new situation with the new date doesn’t fit in everybody’s timetable or view, so you can cancel your order. But please keep in mind we need your placed orders for further planning of the postponed event. Due to this needed support please reflect your cancellation very well. We are looking forward to furthering support of the great geocaching community.

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