GLÜCK AUF 2020 - ...and he has his bright light in the night

The Ruhr area is facing 150 years culture and history in coal mining and steel production. Many pits, iron and steel plants shape the people of the region still today.

We will invite you to experience the history of our Ruhr area. The scenery of the event is the UNESCO world heritage Zollverein – one of the biggest and most famous mining plants in Germany – which offers unexpected possibilities.

After great success in 2016 and continued positive response, we want to dare it a second time! Again, we want to offer visitors from all over the world information about the Ruhrarea and the subject of geocaching, as well as the possibility of an international exchange of experience. However, this time we want to go back to the roots together! And hereby not only the history of the Ruhrarea is meant, but also what makes geocaching. Namely the stash hunt and the associated (shared) experiences! But we will not only animate you to hunt stashes, but we want to carry the event into the night for you and thus create another, as we hope, special atmosphere.

We look forward to seeing you!

Geocaching Verein Ruhrgebiet e.V.