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Dear fellows,
we are writing the year 2022 and only 191 days left to our GIGA Event Glück Auf 2022 at Essen. For this reason, we have some new information for you.

  1. Corona pandemic
    We are full of confidence, that our event will take place this year. Rules and regulations around the pandemic change very quickly and we have to prepare for several possibilities. That means we must keep an eye on the actual Corona Protection Ordinance of North Rhine Westphalia. Possible regulations are visitor limitation, access limitations via 2G,3G and contact tracking. So we decided to prepare our self the best way in common, so it won’t be necessary to adjust things right before the event. We will fence the event site, that’s the only way to fulfill all may given regulations. As a result, every visitor needs to have a valid admission ticket.
    Experience has shown that the detailed specifications that ultimately apply on the event date will only be known shortly before the event. We will of course inform you in good time.
  2. Ticketing
    The ordered items are already delivered to most of you. Only the eventsite tickets and those for public transport are missing. Those will be sent right in time before the event via email. Therefore we will use the known mail address you’d registered with at the online shop.
  3. Online shop
    We are glad inform you about some new products on the occasion of our GIGA status. You will soon find new pins, t-shirts with new designs and also an amazing special GIGA coin. In common with the new items we will deactivate the delivery option and you can only collect the ordered items at the event.

We are looking forward to meet you at our event, we still keep working to be a perfect host.

See you soon and Glück Auf

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